The Reason Why Companies Buy Facebook Fans

I had just creating my Facebook fan page and no one joined my page. I didn’t have any likes or anything. Three months later and I still had under 100 likes. What was up with this? I was told that social media and Facebook were the best way to market, yet it wasn’t doing anything for me. I tried a whole bunch of things that didn’t really help me. It was looking like social media was a fad, a joke, that only worked for a small amount of people but not people like me.

So, I gave up on the idea of social media because I had worked my butt off and it did not yield any results for me. I didn’t understand how and why it worked. More importantly, I didn’t understand what it was that I was doing wrong when I was working so hard to make social media and Facebook work for me. This was the hardest part but would be solved when I buy Facebook fans with I had no idea what I was doing and I did not understand the psychology behind why people liked certain pages and not other pages that were on Facebook. I would later learn this but it was a long time from when I had started. If only I would had known these things a lot earlier, imagine how my experience would have changed for me and for the business that I run. I think that many people have this huge learn curb with Facebook marketing and not just me. I wasn’t special in my ignorance, just ordinary. Like all ordinary fools, I would have to learn some lessons and get some training on how to make Facebook and social media marketing work for me.

Changing things and turning things around. Things started to change when I started to pay for Facebook fans. Many people would ask why would you buy Facebook likes and the answer is simple: People only like you if you are already liked. It is just like high school, once enough people say that you are a cool person, everyone else believes it. Facebook users are just like that, they need someone else to cosign you. Your cosign on Facebook is how many likes you have when they find  your page, they need to see that other people like you and think that you are a cool company to do business with. This is all that was really needed for me to make my company popular on Facebook, it also improved my rank in Facebook’s internal search engine, which means that more people will naturally find my page and like it.

As you ca now see, the trick to being popular on Facebook is to already be popular and buying Facebook likes is how we build this perceived popularity on Facebook. It is the ultimate secret and one that people have a hard time wrapping their heads around because it sees so weird.